It's 9:33pm on a Tuesday in October 2012. Xavier and I have been here since 630am, there’s just one last press load to finish. He and I have been friends for a while, but this is our first harvest together, we’ve easily spent more time together the past 2 months than in the prior 6 years. We’re too tired for jokes, so talk turns to wine; specifically our friends’ wines, the wines we miss and the wines we would love to make if only we could. As we share stories two disparate worlds begin to collide into a simple pangaea.

Xavier and I have been friends with and working with the same group of inspired winemakers forever: he on the winemaking end and I on the creative.  Since 2011 he’s been Assistant Winemaker at Sans Liege, before that with Barrel 27, Herman Story and Arcadian. I’ve been working with Proof Wine Collective and designing labels for Herman Story, Sans Liege, and Desparada. That night, waiting for the press to finish, the spirit of Union Sacre was born. If we had the chance, why not create something to share at dinner with the winemakers, friends and family from whom we’ve learned so much?

We are not auteurs, adventurers or advocates, we are simply two friends throwing all our weight into making wine worthy of our friends’ and families’ tables. Union Sacre is the bread we break together.      
- Philip Muzzy, Partner, Union Sacre Wines